Spring 2014 Staff

Vianna N. Newman, Editor-in-Chief
Vianna Newman is a junior majoring in Rome and the Renaissance and Italian and minoring in Nonprofit Management. She is interested especially in the development and historiography of the Italian Renaissance. Her love of museums and art history have inspired her to pursue a career in curating.

Jacob Camhi, Editor
Jacob Camhi is a sophomore at Indiana University majoring in History, with minors in Marketing and Political Science. His concentration in History is Pre-Revolution to Reconstruction Era America, with fields covering Medieval to Renaissance Europe and Ancient Greece.

Ethan Helfrich, Editor
Ethan Helfrich is a transfer student from Purdue majoring in history. His main interest is 19th Century Europe, with a focus on the international politics, war, and philosophy of this era. Ethan intends to pick up either a second major or a minor.

Madeline McDonough, Editor
Madeline McDonough is a senior majoring in Anthropology and Ethnobotany and minoring in History. She plans to pursue a graduate degree in applied ecology. She loves all eras of history and has tried to study as wide a range as possible, from prehistoric Africa to modern-day Indiana.

Erin Leonhard, Web Development and Technical Support
Erin Leonhard is a junior at Indiana University studying Computer Science. She is interested in all eras of history and enjoys reading historical books in her free time. Her particular areas of interest in history include Germany during the World Wars and all U.S. history.


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