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Spring 2014 Staff

Andrew G. McLaren, Director of Communications
Andrew McLaren is a senior majoring in Arabic language and Islamic studies. He plans to pursue a graduate degree in religious studies. Historically, he is interested in medieval Islamic biographical literature and its relationship to historiography, religious thought, and hagiography.

Marissa Caranna, Editor
Marissa Caranna is currently a senior at Indiana University majoring in English with honors and pursuing minors in history, classical literature and civilizations, and cello performance. Her historical and literary focuses include ancient Greece, Rome, and Asia Minor, medieval England, Victorian England and ensuing colonization, and pre-Bolshevik Revolution Russia. After she completes her degree, Marissa intends to study Victorian England and its literature as a doctoral candidate.

Fall 2013 Staff

Matthew Philip Cesnik, Editor
Matthew Philip Cesnik is a senior majoring in History with a Latin American concentration and Departmental Honors. In addition, he is completing certificates from the Liberal Arts & Management Program and in Latin American & Caribbean Studies, as well as a minor in Spanish. His historical interests are focused on the relationship between the development of national identity and the state in multicultural, postcolonial societies. He is currently writing his senior honors thesis on the development of national identity in Argentina during the early to mid 20th century.

Fall 2011 Staff

Kasey M. Greer, Editor-in-Chief
Kasey Greer is a junior at Indiana University, where she majoring in history with honors and earning a certificate in the Liberal Arts and Management Program (LAMP).  She is primarily interested in American military history, with a focus on telling the stories of everyday GIs.

Hannah Craddock, Associate Editor-in-Chief
Hannah Craddock is a senior majoring in History and Gender Studies. Historically, she is interested in women in Colonial America and in the early feminist movement. She hopes to pursue these topics in greater depth at the graduate level next fall.

Andrew G. McLaren, Director of Communications
Andrew McLaren is a sophomore at Indiana University, where he is pursuing degrees in Islamic Studies and Arabic Language.

Kae Grossman, Editor
Kae Grossman is a junior pursuing majors in English and Political Science, with minors in History, Medieval Studies, and Comparative Literature.  Her historical interests lie in the late medieval period, with a focus on the social impact of literature during that period in England and France. After she completes her time at IU, Kae would like to pursue a study of medieval literary traditions at a graduate level.

Molly Richmer, Editor
Molly Richmer is a junior at Indiana University.  She is double majoring in history and anthropology, with her main interest in American cultural history.

Nicholas Murray Vachon, Editor
Nick Murray Vachon is a junior at Indiana University majoring in history with honors, pursuing a certificate in the Liberal Arts and Management Program (LAMP), and minoring in spanish and information technology.  Nick's interests lie primarily in the diplomatic and political history of the 20th Century United States.

Blake Smith, Editor
Blake is currently a junior majoring in history and minoring in West European Studies.  He focuses specifically in United States history, but also studies Europe after 1500.  His interests are primarily in World War II and the residual cultural and political effects preceding, during, and after the war. Graduate goals include more focused study on the unique nature of victory and defeat and how that has affected relations between the United States and Germany, specifically since the end of 1945.

Josh Fender, Web Development and Technical Support
Josh is currently a junior majoring in astrophysics and computer science and minoring in mathematics and aerospace studies. While he does not specifically study history he is interested in the subject focusing on World War II and the Space Race.


Cody J. Foster, Founding Editor-in-Chief
Cody Foster is a graduate from Indiana University receiving an honors degree in history and a second degree in political science. He is broadly interested in 20th century United States foreign policy, the presidency, intelligence, and human rights. After receiving his Bachelor of Arts in May, Cody will begin a doctoral program in American history.

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